Located in the Pacific Northwest, Rocks 4 Life features a timeless mixture of hand-crafted gemstone jewelry and stones. We’re truly a family business, many generations back. Working with rocks has always been a passion, carefully selecting raw materials and creating one-of-a-kind wearable art!

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On this page, we’ll be adding descriptions and facts about some of our favorite stones. For us, there is nothing more exciting than to tell the story behind each item we craft – the what-where-when-how’s of the gemstones themselves. The facts may surprise you! Many of our customers tell us that people ask them about our pieces when they are wearing them – it’s always nice for them to be able to share the history!

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Newport’s Wild Seafood Weekend
Newport Bay, Oregon
Admission is free
Saturday, September 8th
9am – 6pm
Sunday, September 9th
9am – 4pm

Carlton’s Walk in the Park
Saturday, August 18th
11am – 8pm
Sunday, August 19th
11am – 6pm

Enjoy both days for one admission price – $15!

Wennerberg Park, Carlton, Oregon
Admission $15. Free Parking.

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the gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.

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