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Our 2015 mining season has wrapped up and it’s time to prepare for the 2015/2016 show season! Check our Events page to see where you can visit us in person. Looking for Oregon Sunstones? Our Shop Sunstones page has a variety of jewelry, one-off colors and bulk, facet grade rough.

We’re proud to show this stunner, found this summer while we were mining.

This stone was found by Richard Meinz at Sunstone Butte Mine in June this last summer. 128 carats originally, now 65 carats finished by renowned cutter/carver Darryl Alexander from Gilbert, Arizona. The stone shows all the colors of Oregon Sunstone and has a rare color change angle of around 5 degrees giving it a look of aurora borealis when tilted slightly. The stone has been entered into the 2016 American Gem Trade Association competition in Tucson, Arizona.